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Below are the details of the Gwilliam family (as was) in Kinnersley.

Thomas Gwilliam Born  1813 ((in  Norton Cannon, married Mary Ann South, also born in Norton Cannon)).  According to the 1851 Census the address was:  92 Barnage Farm, Kinnersley, (My GGGGrandfather & Mother).  ( must get birth certificates ).  See the town of NortonCannon. 
Thier children were as follows:-
Elizabeth Gwilliam Born 1837, in Kinnersley.  Looking for any information.
George Gwilliam 1839, ((Married:- Ann Powell.  (Ann was born in Llanvillo, Brecknock).  According to the 1881 Census they were living  at Sallies?, Kinnersley)). Looking for proof of relationship to William, any info on decendants.
Caroline Gwilliam Born 1841 in Kinnersley.  Looking for any info.
Thomas Gwilliam Born 1845  in Kinnersley.   Looking for any info.
William Gwilliam Born 1847, in Kinnersley.   ((Married  Mary Griffiths. (Mary was born in Llangattock, Carmarthen)  Mary died giving birth to her son Thomas James.))  See the town of Govilon.
Charles Gwilliam Born 1850 in Kinnersley.  (Married Bathsheba? ) Looking for proof of relationship to William.  See the town of Govilon.
There was also another son- Benjamin born 1852, on the 1861 Census he was 10yrs old.

1861 Census - Kinnersley
Pleasout Farm -  Mary Gwillim  aged 15yrs Housemaid
The Greyhound Inn -  Margaret Gwillim  aged 84 Lodger / Char
66 Upper Penhonday -  Thomas Gwillim aged 75yrs Ag Lab

On the 1881 Census for Kinnersley.........Sallies
We have:
George Gwilliam hd. aged 42yrs and born in Kinnersley.  (It is my belief that George is the brother of William, as stated in the above documentation).  Married to Ann Powell aged 41yrs, and born in Llanvillo, Brecknock.  ( Ann's father, Howell Powell aged 82yrs, and Charles Jones aged 33yrs, a lodger, born Staunton On Wye, Hereford, were at the same address).  There are no children listed for them.
On the 1881 Census for Kinnerlsey the address looks to have been number 36 Sallies, for George and Ann.  I didn't include it inthe above as I came across it on a seperate sheet of paper.
Also - 37 Sallies
Thomas Gwillim  hd  68  Lab
Mary Ann  Wi  64 

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