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Peter's Page

Hi, I'm Peter.

I'm 19 and I live at home with my mum and sister.

My hobbies are...

Playing football for my local team, "BLENHIEM WANDERERS", which we have just set up and entered into the Newport and district league. We've played a few friendly games against teams in higher leagues and have never been slaughtered, so I hope we have a good and successful season (being our first time in there).

I also love listening to music. I currently run a mobile disco business with my mate Craig. It started off , we both used to help his uncle doing discos, we decided to start up on our own, which is what we did. Both of us put ourselves out of our everyday needs, Cigarettes etc. Once we had saved enough money, all the gear we needed was ours.

If you are looking for a D..J. for any age and occasion, then please ring me for a free quote on 07900310521. South Wales UK  only.

Im unemployed at the mo. Ive been looking for work for a while now and still no joy.