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Researching Your Own Family History
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Researching Your Own Family History

Researching family history is fun and rewarding.

Research Tips

Here are a few tips about researching your ancestors:

Be sure to evaluate the source of your information.  Remember, you can't believe everything you read!

Most everyone has two family names: your father's, but also your mother's.  Don't feel you must restrict your research to just your paternal family tree.  As you can see, from the list of surnames in my tree, I have branched off to find sibblings and their respective families as well.  It makes it interesting to say the least!!  I have found a few distant cousins that I am in constant touch with!!
Never give up, if you get dispondent, have a break from it for a week or two, then go back to it.  When you think of it in the context of a large jigsaw puzzle, every now and then you need to take a break!  When you go back to it hey presto!  You find half a dozen pieces within five minuted!  It works for me!!

Below are some links to various sites that I found to be very useful in my research.  

Geneaology Printers

Hugh Wallis's Genealogical Web Sites

Rootsweb Home Page

Genealogy Links

Yorkshire BMD


Herefordshire Family History Society

Genes Reunited - Retrace your family tree;

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