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Gwilliam Surname

Below is a link to the Gwilliam surname message board at I go to this site quite frequently.

Gwilliam Geneology site

On this page will be a collation of the surname Gwilliam.  As many of you are aware, there are a few variances of the spelling, we have:- Gwilliam, Gwillam, Gwillym, Gwylim and probably a few more that I have yet to know about.
There will be Births, Marriages and Deaths and Dates and will be put in order of, County, town and if available the actual address. 

I would like to thank, in advance, Carol O'Niell and Anne Welch, whose help in starting me on this quest has been invaluable, and wihout this help I would not have been in the position to do so!! 
Hazel Bright - Site owner

Towns in Herefordshire

Towns in Monmouthshire