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John FRIEND - Born: c1811 in Bacton, Suffolk, England. - Married: Mary KINDRED Date: December 1837, Plomesgate, Suffolk, England.
Freeman FRIEND - Born:  July 1845 in: Mymerton, Sulfolk - Died: December 1876 in Wandsworth, Surrey. - Married: Fanny Elizabeth ARKELL 14th February 1869, Wandsworth. - parents: John FRIEND & Mary KINDRED
Susannah FRIEND - born c1849 in Bacton, Sulfolk, England - parents: John FRIEND &Mary KINDRED - Married: Joseph WEAVERS - Date: September 1872 in Hartismere, Sulfolk. - parents: John FRIEND & Mary KINDRED
Fanny Elizabeth FRIEND - born: 1870 in: Streatham, Surrey, England - Married: Arthur BIRKIN in: St Saviours, Brixton Hill, Surrey on: August 5, 1889 - parents: Freeman FRIEND & Fanny Elizabeth ARKELL

Robert Friend - Born c1870 - Parents: Susannah Friend & Joseph Weavers? (Susannah was housekeeper to Joseph when she had Robert and when she married him, Robert took on the name Weavers! So until further proof I believe Joseph to be his father. In a subsequent census report Robert was known as WEAVERS)

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