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Interesting memories
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My cousin Mike remembers....
When I was young we went down to Tunbridge Wells quite a few times to see Aunty Emm, she also visited S Wales more often than the others (I have some photos of her and nanny - somewhere!), and Uncle Fred lived in Monmouth so we saw him quite a lot (I remember many of his first world war stories).  I seem to vaguely remember meeting some of Bill's relatives, I think we went to his house when we visited Emm as it was quite close. I once drove down to Tunbridge Wells to fetch Aunt Emm back to stay with nanny (around 1970 I guess) - all that way in an old Triumph Herald. However, that pales into insignificance when we remember nanny telling us that her father and (some) brothers walked all the way from London to S.Wales to get work. They sent for her mother and other children later.
I certainly remember Bill and Percy visiting Elgam a few times (Perce used to make a joke of the fact that he really liked bread and butter pudding - for breakfast!), I think I met Frank once at least but I was quite young, don't ever remember George. Fred's daughter was Pam I believe, (but I can't remember her husband's name) and they had at that time one son  - I think his name was Michael - I should know it as Cynthia and I used to play cricket with him when we visited; I can 'see' his face very clearly but the name is vague.  Fred had another daughter older then Pam, Judith thinks her name was Vi (Violet I guess), and she is rarely wrong when it comes to remembering things (I can't get away with anything!!). Judith also remembers that Vi was found dead in a chair when she was supposed to be going on a bus trip somewhere - why can't I remember ANY of this, it must be in the genes!!! (Either that or I just don't listen..........).
Bill and Perce and Fred all served in the First World War and all were wounded - Fred had lost some toes to frostbite and the others had shrapnel wounds (Perce in the head and Bill in the leg I think - though it may have been the other way around) - certainly the one wounded in the thigh still had small pieces of bone working their way out and they must have been 70+ by then. They were really nice and made a big fuss of me, we used to play cribbage for hours, it was great fun being included with the 'adults' (I guess I would have been around 10 - 12 at the time).  Fred always reckoned that he was under age when he 'joined up', but looking at his date of birth he may have been 'exaggerating' a little, as he would have been aged 19 in 1914. My dad always said that his war stories were a 'little exaggerated', but I loved them. Judith also remembers a big problem over one of nanny's brothers who died (there were two or three left at this stage) and left his estate to some neighbours who had looked after him for years - there were solicitors involved but the will stood, apparently nanny was quite mad over it at the time.
I can remember Granddad's mother (Sarah or 'gran Bright' as we called her, I didn't know her name until I saw the family tree) as I used to visit her with my dad and Uncle Perce when I was young. She lived somewhere near Market St in Blaenavon in a 'real Victorian parlour', and smoked like a chimney! Her first question I can seem to remember was always - 'have you brought my fags?'. She didn't have many teeth, but seemed strong enough otherwise - except when she fell down the cellar steps once. I had forgotten all of this, but it's great trying to remember the details again.
I certainly remember Granddad's brother Sid (and he had a few children - oldest son Warren). Sid fought in WW2, and saw action as part of the rearguard at Dunkirk I believe, and of course there was his sister Iris who I am sure that you will remember too (lived near the police station in Blaenavon).
My mum's mother and father were Sarah and George Ireland. I have a photo of them with her brothers William and Ronald dated March 1911 and saying that Willie was 7 yrs old and Ron 6 years old. William (or 'uncle Bill' as I called him) had his birthday on 5th January and died in the 1960s but Ron died within the last few years aged 90+. George and Sarah's ages are recorded on the photo as 'dad' 38yrs, 'mamma' 31 years which would put their year of birth as 1873 and 1880 respectively. I did a quick search on the 1901 census a while ago and turned up quite a few named George Ireland. I believe that he worked at Big Pit when he was young, but Judith seems to think that my mum told her that he was a policeman later in life. I have no idea who their parents were, and know nothing else about them

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